Mac Poker

My wife's friend likes to play poker online. She wins. She likes to play in poker tournaments. She wins. She's won a few bucks playing poker.

She told the story of her recent trip to Vegas. She went to a local casino off the strip and sat down like she was clueless.

"I was the only woman at the table and everyone was bending over backwards to help me."

She played naive and then cleaned the guys out!

She was over tonight and I asked her what her favorite online poker site was. She plays on Poker Stars because they "are reputable and they actually pay you." I showed her Mac-Poker, a site about playing poker online on Mac Computers. The first thing she said was "why the f___ would you have a Mac?" Then we read the review on Poker Stars (there are lots of reviews on Mac-Poker) and they gave them a good rating too. Unfortunately, Poker Stars has not perfected their Mac platform yet, which prompted her to say "another reason not to get a Mac! Seriously dude, if you win enough playing poker, just buy a f___ PC!"

Lucky for all the Mac users out there, Mac-Poker reviews a bunch of sites that have Mac platforms to play poker online. We checked out a few of the other reviews. Fulltilt Poker is another site she likes.

"It's also a reputable sight and they get celebrity poker players a lot too. But if I can't play on Pokers Stars, I wouldn't ever get a Mac."

OK. So she doesn't like Macs, but she knows her poker. She liked the famous poker players page and wants to be on it someday!

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