Military Clothing for your Butt

I like a nice butt on a woman. My wife has a nice butt which I constantly "pat." Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she punches me.

"You'd be more upset if I didn't pat your butt all the time," is my usual reply to the punch.

She has a whole bunch of what I call "nice bum" pants. They are pants that accentuate her cutey booty. She even has some army pants that I absolutely LOVE. When you think of military clothing, you probably wouldn't picture a curvaceous tush like the one pictured here, but that is the "end" result.

Go to for military clothing and special military pants that make the butt more appealing. They have a double layer of fabric in the bum that helps firm things up down there and make people think "nice bum, where ya from?"

It works for guys too, but I'm not putting up any pictures of THAT!

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