My Halloween Costume

Every year my kids obsess about their Halloween Costumes. So does my wife. I always wear the same costume: a nun. Picture a six foot tall, two hundred pound nun- pretty scary. I stuff a big pair of boobs under the nun costume so I look like a real train wreck! I've been wearing the same costume for ten years now and it has become sort of a twisted tradition. You see I met my wife at a Halloween Party. She was dressed as a nun, so I stole the costume when we got together and I've been wearing it ever since.

Every once in a while, I get the hankering for a new Halloween Costume. Since my nickname is "Harvey," I've always wanted to get a Giant Bunny Costume. I could also use it at Easter.

I've always wanted a Gorilla Costume too. I'd wear that around all the time, just to mess with people!

There are some dopey costumes out there too. Pirate costumes are the dorkiest. All you need is a Bandanna, some ratty clothes and an eye patch to be a good pirate-you don't need to drop a hundred bucks on a costume! Plus I think pirates are a cop out at Halloween.

Costume Cauldron has over 14,000 Halloween Costumes in stock and they have just about anything you could want, even this one in case you want to "Pimp Yo Style" on Halloween!

And to think I called the Pirate Costumes Dorky!

If you want to get Halloween Costumes at the Costume Cauldron, you can save a few bucks by getting into the sight through a "Secret Haunted House" Backdoor:

Go to the Costume Cauldron homepage. Halfway down and click on the comma in the line that reads “Our Store now has over 14,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!”


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