My wacky Car Insurance

Insurance is a funny thing. You are paying your insurance company money in case something bad happens. The insurance company is, essentially taking your money and betting that nothing bad will happen to you. By giving them money every month, you're betting something bad WILL happen to you. Sounds like a bad bet: you lose either way!

Every time I get a new car, I set out to compare car insurance. And every time I do that, my wife says, "just get it through my work." Her company offers discounted car insurance and home insurance to all its employees. I also have the added bonus of not having to deal with the insurance company. Someone at my wife's office does it for us!

Even though it's easy to deal with my car insurance (what could be easier than having someone else do it for me), it still gets confusing sometimes. The other day, we got two bills. One bill listed all the charges for each portion of our auto coverage, the other listed the same things, but with negative amounts (to reflect our discount) a note in one of the bills stated we'd be receiving a third bill listing the final charges! 3 separate bills to get to the bottom line seems silly. Why not just send one with the discounted prices? Maybe our insurance company is flush with cash from all good bets they've been taking!

For everything you want to know about insurance click here.

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