Recycled Credit Cards

Every day when I get the mail there is usually a credit card offer or two in the pile. EVERY DAY. I don't know why, in the age of the internet, these offers are sent to my house. The same goes for catalogs, mortgage solicitations and other junk mail. Does anyone read this stuff any more? I throw it right into the recycle bin (conveniently located near the mailbox). If I want to go searching for the best credit cards (or anything else) I'll do it ONLINE. No paper wasted and no looking at stuff I'm not interested in!

I'm always looking for deals on credit cards. They're a great way to get free cash. All you need to do is keep flipping your balance with 0% credit cards and you can go without paying for years! I've even turned a profit this way. Just draw 10 grand on a card, invest it and never pay until the investment has turned a profit. Free money is a good thing.

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