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Back when I owned my Duct Cleaning business, I employed an Answering Service. In this era of voice mail, people find it comforting to have a real live person answer the phone; it's reassuring-particularly if you're in a service business. Potential customers felt confident in my service due to the "script" I provided to the Answering Service.

The folks at the Answering Service were instructed to say "the owner is busy on a job right now and will get back to you today as soon as he has a free moment." I always called people back as fast as possible and I won a lot of business.

1-800-We Answer Answering Service provides this service and more. They can set up a voice mail system for you, install your business phone system, do telemarketing for your business, even provide you with an address to receive mail. They can be a virtual office for you.

Now I don't need an Answering Service for the Hot Dog Truck, but if I ever get back into a sales or service business I'd get hooked up with one for sure.

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