Beverly Hills Breasts

Rodeo Drive. Now there's a good location for a Hot Dog Truck. I could get eight to ten bucks apiece for dogs there. Maybe I could be the hotdogman to the stars! They'll make a reality show out of my daily goings on. I could berate and swear at would be hotdogmen like the chef from "Hell's Kitchen." It would be very interesting.

But I'm not moving to Beverly Hills anytime soon. I know a Hollywood agent, a Hollywood producer and a Hollywood camera man. I hear some pretty funny and wild stories about the goings on out in Hollywood and the wild parties in Beverly Hills. I don't know if I'd live too long out there! It sounds like a real party town and the hotdogman likes to party!

One thing they tell me is there are a lot of good looking women who "have work done." There's a whole Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery industry out there! In a town where appearance is very important, there's lots of plastic surgeons. California breast augmentation is as common as people who love hot dogs in Massachusetts!

I'm all for breast augmentation. As a red blooded American Male, I can appreciate a nice pair. I remember an old "Seinfeld" episode where Jerry is wondering whether his girlfriend's breasts have been augmented and she retorts, "They're real and they're FABULOUS!" Breast augmentation can make them even more fabulous! Many women (and the men who love them can take that first step to permanent lifestyle enhancement with a bit of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. The only thing I'd ever need in Beverly Hills in the way of plastic surgery might be a bit of Beverly Hills liposuction.

But I digress. I feel like such a boob when I do that.

If I sold hot dogs in Beverly Hills, when I wasn't getting whiplash from looking at all the California babes and their enhanced boobs or partying with the beautiful people, I'd be mobbed by reality TV producers looking for the next dopey hit. They've already done a reality show on Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, why not one about a crazy hotdogman who serves the best hot dogs to the Hollywood crowd?

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