Go Green, get LED

The future of lighting is here. Retail giants like Wal Mart are seriously planning to stop selling incandescent light bulbs in the near future because they are such energy wasters. Compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy than incandescents and have come down in price in recent years, but they contain Mercury which isn't good for the environment.

LED lights are clearly the future of lighting. LED is short for "light emitting diode." LED lighting doesn't waste energy on producing heat, so it is far more efficient than incandescents. LED lights actually use only 10% of the energy as an incandescent light. They also last 5 times longer than incandescents and, unlike Compact fluorescent, they contain no Mercury.

Whether you are looking for light bulbs for your home or Christmas LED mini lights, using LED lighting will save you money and help our environment too.

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