Hell Hath No Fury

Buying or selling a car is always a difficult process, particularly if you're buying from a private party. With used cars, you're never sure of what you're getting. This one particular ad for the car pictured here was pretty clear however.

Recently, there was a great deal on a Cheap Jaguar in the UK. It seems a pissed off wife dumped red paint all over her husband's Jaguar S-type V8 R Supercharged 4.2. Her hubby was running around in the car with his mistress and the wife posted the picture of the car with her "for sale" ad. The car was registered in her name so she posted this very funny ad to get back at her wayward spouse. Not only did she out her cheating husband in a very public and embarrassing manner, she sold his car for half of what it was worth! I'd hate to be that guy if she gets a killer divorce lawyer!

When you can find a practically new car for such a cheap price, you should do whatever it takes to buy it, even if it takes a car loan to get the deal done.

Most folks won't go to such extremes to sell a used car, but it's fun to find such a good deal with such a funny story.

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