Holiday Gifts that Help

Christmas time is drawing near and it's time to start thinking about that special holiday gift for that special person in your life. The Christmas season is a season of giving and I, like many others, choose this time of year to give charitable contributions to various deserving organizations.

One such deserving organization is the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. They are providing research funds to, hopefully, find a cure someday. Just as important as finding a cure is the need to provide proper care for Alzheimer's sufferers. Education and care are just as important as finding a cure so the quality of life for Alzheimer's patients and their families is improved.

This is such a sad disease. To watch someone you love literally slip away from you is heart wrenching, even though they may not even understand it's happening to them. Alzheimer's sufferers can be responsible, lucid adults one day and slowly slide into a forgetful and child-like vacuousness. It can be very hard on families who care for them. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America recognizes that educating families on how to care for their loved ones is important and they dedicate a big chunk of their resources to that end. Providing a good quality of life is important and, while difficult at times, is the best way to be sure an Alzheimer's patient is comforted as they slowly slip away.

Obviously a holiday donation to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America is a great way to spend some of your holiday charity monies. They offer another unique way to donate. You can buy a holiday gift for a friend or family member at their eStore. There are a bunch of lovely jewelry items that would be sure to delight a special woman in your life. All the proceeds from sales at the Alzheimer's Foundation eStore go directly to the organization. Not only can you get a fine holiday gift, you can show the recipient your compassion and giving spirit by letting them know the story behind the gift.

If you're stuck for gift ideas, you should check out the holiday gift ideas at the Alzheimer's Foundation eStore. You've got to go Christmas shopping anyway, why not give a gift that makes the recipient happy AND helps someone with Alzheimer's disease.

You'll be glad you did.

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