No Fire Lights

The Christmas Holidays are supposed to be a time of joy. Unfortunately, every year some people have their Christmas destroyed by fire. Many fires are caused by burning Christmas trees. The combination of a dry tree and hot, incandescent Christmas lights can lead to tragedy. Electrical fires can also start in the home when strings of incandescent Christmas lights overload a circuit and short out.

Christmas lights aren't supposed to start fires-that's not the kind of lighting folks need at Christmas! New LED Christmas lights are a much better option for a couple of reasons.

LED Christmas lights are far more energy efficient. LED lighting is the wave of the future. In the next five years, GE, Sylvania and other major light bulb manufacturers are going to have more LED lighting options available for homeowners. Incandescent bulbs are on the way out and LED bulbs are on the way in. LED lighting simply makes more economic sense. Even at $50 per bulb (approximate cost today), the longer life and energy savings make them virtually pay for themselves. The same thing goes for LED Christmas lights.

Give your family the gift of safety and energy efficiency this Christmas with new LED Christmas lights.

LED Christmas lights are also much safer than their incandescent counterparts. They draw far less electricity so overloading a circuit is next to impossible. No overloaded circuit, no short outs, no fires. They also stay cool to the touch. Since they don't emit as much heat as incandescent Christmas lights, they won't torch that underwatered, dry tree in the living room.

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