Old Folks Phone

My parents are, "tecnically speaking," senior citizens (they'll KILL me if they read this). People of their generation are hysterical when it comes to cell phones.

Both my folks have cell phones. They NEVER turn them on.

I always ask them why they even bother having the phone if they never turn it on.

"Well, it's nice to have for emergencies," they always say.

I classify an "emergency" as: they forgot something at our house that they could turn around and grab when we realize they've left it 5 minutes after they've left for home. A simple call would do the trick.

If their cell phone was on, they could turn around and get it rather than make another three hour round trip the next day. Maybe that's not an emergency, but it sure is a heck of a lot more convenient!

Another complaint I hear from folks of their generation is that "cell phones are too damn complicated." I've heard them say "why can't they make a cell phone that's just a PHONE?" Many seniors can't deal with the multi function phones of today. They just want to dial and talk-nothing else. Whoever figures out senior cell phones will be a bazillionaire.

There are new cell phones that would make great gifts for senior citizens. The Jitterbug is one of the best cell phones for senior citizens because it's JUST A PHONE. It has big buttons and all it does is make phone calls.

My parents would love it, but I'll bet they'd still never turn it on!

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Paulie said...

I beg to differ! I am a senior and i have a cell phone that I have used for 5 years now. i make phone calls, receive phone calls and keep a phone book updated with it. I also use it for an alarm clock and play games on it when riding the bus if i forget my crocheting.

i don't like it for text messaging because it costs more. I don't want the camera feature because I have a perfectly great digital camera even tho it is 5 years old.

Please don't lump us all together just because we are senior citizens. BTW, I also use my phone for emergencies when I go hiking. I have a red one -- how about you?

hotdogman said...

I didn't lump. It was a PPP and I was goofing on my parents!

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