Picture This Gift

When you just don't know what to get someone for Christmas, a gift card can be the perfect gift. Then they can get what they want. A Visa gift card is the best because it can be used anywhere.

The bad thing about a gift card is it can be a tad impersonal. Sure you can write a nice note with the gift card, but it's still just a piece of plastic.

Now you can create a personalized gift card with a cool picture or graphic design so it's not so impersonal. You show your love for the gift recipient by giving them something you "made" yourself and they get whatever they want!

A gift card makes a great stocking stuffer too!

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Anonymous said...

Gift cards that I can put my picture on...now that is cool!!!

I wonder if they let you put ANYTHING on them ;) Dont see how they could monitor that. I say we have a contest to see who can make funniest card.

thanks Hot Dog Man.

hotdogman said...

That's a great idea! Everyone order cards and send them to me. I'll judge them and publish them here. The winner keeps the cards.


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