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A REAL Green Christmas

Christmas shopping season is almost upon us. I love Christmas, but some of the waste generated is just ridiculous. Over the years, we've done different things to minimize the environmental impact of our Christmas celebrations. Using energy efficient LED Christmas lights, using an artificial tree, recycling gift bags and avoiding products with excess packaging are all things we've done to help our family have a green Christmas.

One of my favorite things we've done is buy a live Christmas tree. One year, we went and got live hemlock tree and brought it into the house-root ball and all. We had a special container to keep it in while it served as our Christmas tree. Like every other tree before it, it was decorated with our wide variety of ornaments and LED String lighting .

Previous to getting the tree, we'd picked a spot in the yard and dug a suitable hole to plant the tree in. We prepped the soil and purchased some hay. On New Years day we "undecorated" the tree and placed it into its hole. The hay was stuffed all around the root ball as it nestled in its new home. Once spring rolled around, we gave the tree a proper planting. It's in the same spot to this day and every Christmas it gets decorated with Outdoor LED Christmas lights.

It is a daily reminder of the joys of Christmas and the benefits of having a "green" Christmas.

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