Steppin IN

I love taking a bath. I don't think I've taken one in several years though. We want to get one of those Step In Tubs because they take up a lot less space.

Sure, Step In Tubs have great options for folks concerned with safety, but it's small footprint is what appeals to me. These tubs actually have a door in them to get in and out of the tub-just make sure you drain the water before opening the door! Actually, the door has a heavy duty hinge and a hydro-static locking door to make sure the water stays in.

Step In Tubs also have a built in seats so you won't slip in the tub. A seated bath sounds fun. Soaking in a nice warm bath is very relaxing. The floor surface of Step In Tubs is slip resistant and there are even handy grab bars to make sure you can get in and out safely.

Step In Tubs are designed for folks with mobility problems so they can safely enjoy the healthy benefits of a nice bath, but they seem cool to me too. I just need to find my rubber duckie....

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