UK Used Cars

My wife's cousin from England is a real car nut. Whenever he visits us, he watches the Speed Channel show "American Muscle." His favorite car is the 1972 Chevelle Super Sport (one of my favs too). There aren't many used cars in the UK that can match the 1972 Chevelle Super Sport.

I went to Netcars, a UK used cars website and found a fair amount of American cars, but no Chevelle SS.

It's a great site though. In addition to thousands of ads for used cars, there are many other resources. You can arrange for car loans, car insurance-you can even check vanity plate availability. There isn't one particular thing that is better than the other, the sheer fact that you can do one stop used car shopping is enough of a benefit in my book.

If I had to chose one thing about the site that sets it apart, it would be the reviews from consumers. It's nice to know what others have experienced with a dealership or particular brand of vehicle. You can sometimes save yourself some trouble by doing a bit of research. Having that information readily available on the same site that is advertising used cars saves a lot of time.

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