The Hotdogman likes to keep abreast of developments in the financial world. I still receive many email newsletters about the mortgage industry and I like to read the Wall Street Journal and Investor's Business Daily. Now I have a new source of financial and investment information: Granted, I can't roll it up and read it at the Hot Dog Truck, but there is a ton of information there. I can learn all about the publicly traded companies or just read up on subjects like renewable energy or the housing market.

I looked up Starbucks (SBUX) since it's a stock I own. I can't believe that company! I didn't realize they were over 12,000 stores. They only had 166 stores when they went public in 1992-that's exponentially phenomenal growth. I'm sitting on 400 shares I bought in 1994 for around 10 bucks a share-it's trading around 24 bucks now, and that's way off the yearly high. Starbucks (SBUX) has been a great stock for me.

I pretty much knew everything that Wikinvest told me about Starbucks (SBUX) (except the part about 12,000 stores) but the article was well laid out and informative and in the familiar "wiki" format. I poked around the site and looked at some other companies I was less familiar with and found the information I was looking for easily. I really think the site will do well with folks looking for investment info, although most big brokerage firms offer similar information to their clients. The "wiki" brand and good SEO will undoubtedly drive many readers to the site.

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