Wild About Harry

There are people all over the internet who would be delighted to share their methods for making money, usually for a price. Harry Schechter's new blog on Micro-ISVs and start-ups is a freebie. He basically tells you how he started his own ISV (an independent software vendor with just one software developer) and how he brings his product to market.

Now I'm not an overly technical person-hot dogs are a decidedly low tech business- but I found his blog very informative. There are many "nuts and bolts" articles on how to succeed as an ISV, there are also good articles on general business practices that would help any online entrepreneur.

His brief article Bootstrapping for Early Sales: Imitate then Innovate could apply to any online business-he even quotes T.S. Eliot!

A more in depth article titled Profit in 90 Days: Crucial Accounting Information for Start-ups gives solid advice on what new business owners need to think about when setting up their books. HIRE AN ACCOUNTANT is one bit of advice Harry gives. He is so right. A good accountant is worth about 10 times what you pay them. Getting off to a good start with the bookkeeping is tantamount to success in any business.

If you're a person who wants to succeed selling software or if you want some solid, common sense advice on business building, you should give Harry Schechter's new blog on Micro-ISVs and start-ups a read. You'll be glad you did.

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