Canadian Drugs

Prescription Drugs are bloody expensive. People on fixed incomes who need to regularly purchase prescription drugs face serious financial burdens. Senior citizens need to find ways to get their medications regularly at affordable prices and Medicare doesn't cut the mustard.

Big Drug Companies have carte blanche to charge whatever they want for drugs in the US, even though their profits are obscene and their customers are in need. Who do you call on when you need prescription drugs at affordable prices?

The Canadians!

Not THOSE Canadians, the folks who bring you the Online Canadian Pharmacy!

The Online Canadian Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical escrow service. They take your order and money, hold the money in escrow and order your medications on your behalf from pharmacies all over the world-wherever you can get the best price. You can save 40-90% on just about any prescription medication and on many "over the counter" medicines as well.

The folks at the Online Canadian Pharmacy used to be an actual pharmacy, but some of the big drug companies shut them down in the US to preserve their obscene profits. The same pills you pay $10 a piece for in the US may very well cost HALF that or less in another country! Why pay more when you don't have to?

If you take prescription drugs regularly and you want to save some dough, give the Online Canadian Pharmacy a shot, your wallet will thank you, even if Pfizer doesn't.

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