Facebook App Goofs on Co-Workers

It seems like there's a Facebook Application for EVERYTHING these days. I use Facebook to keep in touch with far away relatives and to keep an eye on my high schooler's online "friends." I can buy people a beer, throw a sheep at them, and a whole host of other silliness. These are Facebook applications, but they're pretty useless for anything other than a laugh.

Now the big recruiting site for Secretary Jobs has launched a new application called Office ASBO. It lets you send a friend or co-worker a "warning" about their anti-social office behavior.

It's designed to be fun. You can warn people who get too drunk at the office Christmas Party in a friendly and silly way with the "Beer Goggles" ASBO. There are currently 6 different "Holiday" warnings for the season and they plan on adding more "warning badges" in early 2008 so there will soon be a warning for just about every instance of anti-social office behavior. There's a ranking system set up and your rank goes higher as you warn more people. I wonder if your rank goes down if you receive too many warnings. Whatever the case, I suppose this beats reporting them to Human Resources!

The folks who want to recruit people for Secretary Jobs probably made this application to drive traffic to their website and that's OK. It sounds like a fun way to goof on your co-workers. I just hope the new application doesn't lead to a nasty lawsuit!

I can imagine someone who gets too many of these warnings getting miffed and making a stink about it. There's ALWAYS a party pooper in every crowd-they usually don't have a sense of humor. They're also usually litigious, so be careful of who you "warn." If you are on Facebook and you like this sort of nonsense, download the application the next time you log on to your account and give it a whirl.

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