Germany Redux

I traveled in Germany a little over 20 years ago. My family went to Cologne to see the Cathedral. We also stopped in Frankfurt and we spent a week driving down the Rhine Valley. The Rhine was gorgeous! There were medieval castles on nearly every hillside and we visited quite a few of them. For the longest time, I wanted to live in a castle! The small villages along the way reminded me of fairy tales. We stayed in a different hotel every night and every day was full of adventure and surprises.

We traveled through the Bavarian Alps and the Black Forest. We stayed in Bed and Breakfast Inns during this part of our journey and didn't look for a hotel in Deutschland during that leg of the trip.

We did not visit Berlin. When we were in Germany, just traveling to Berlin was a dicey proposition, never mind finding a hotel in Berlin. I'd like to go there now and see the united city and the Brandenburge Gates.

Munich is another city I'd like to see in Germany. I'd need a hotel in Munich if I went during Oktoberfest, because I don't think I'd be driving! I'd also like to see the Olympic Village in between pints of beer.

I hope to get back to Germany soon!

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