Picot at Park West

This is a painting by Jean-Claude Picot. He paints landscapes and still lifes in bright, almost gaudy colors. We have two pieces of his work in our home and I love them. They truly liven up the rooms they're in!

We got our Picot paintings from Park West Gallery. They are the world's largest art dealer and they run auctions 3 or 4 times a year in our area. Park West Gallery also runs art auctions on cruise ships, which is where we bought our first Picot.

Going to a Park West Gallery art auction is fun and it's free. They have them regularly in most major US cities. Usually, a Park West Gallery auction is at some fancy hotel-they always give out free champagne too. I guess they figure tipsy people will bid higher!

My favorite thing about a Park West Gallery auction is the auction guide book. It's a glossy book of all the pieces of art offered for sale at the auction and it's a work of art in itself. If you're looking for something fun to do, try to find a Park West Gallery auction in your area.

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