Summer Surf Camp

Here it is 4 days until Christmas, more than a foot of snow on the ground and the hot topic in my house is Summer Camps. Kids need to do something in the summer and Summer Camp fits the bill. The reason we start talking about it now is you need to sign up for Summer Camps early so you're sure to get a spot.

At this writing, I have a kid signed up for basketball camp, boy scout camp and girl scout camp. In the coming month, we'll have a couple of kids signed up for sailing camp and another for a marine biology camp. It's a lot to think about at this busy time of year, but it has to be done NOW.

My two teens want to work for a chunk of the summer, but they'll still get a week or two at Summer Camp (if for no other reason than to get them out of the house). Teens want to go to overnight camp, not day camp, and they want something with a little adventure involved.

I found a place called Surf Camp in North Carolina. They have an overnight program, right on the beach, that teaches kids and teens how to surf. They also teach the kids about marine science and ocean safety. My kids would absolutely LOVE going to Surf Camp! They get kids from all over the world, so the social and cultural exposure they'd get would help them be more well rounded.

This sounds like an awesome Summer Camp experience. I wish they had Summer Camps like this when I was a kid. Maybe I'll tag along and attend one of the adult camps they offer (that would THRILL the kids). But if I send them to Surf Camp, I'll need to sell a LOT of hot dogs at the hot Dog Truck!

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