Where's the Beach?

The guy who started Mad Gringo, the company that sells Hawaiian Shirts and
beach wear has a lot in common with me.

We both got fed up with the high stress, high energy level of the corporate world to create a "lifestyle business" that allowed us to "Go Slow." My change of heart drove me to selling hot dogs at the Hot Dog Truck, his to selling beach wear online.
Every day I see people who are rushing around and miserable and they stop at my Hot Dog Truck for a quick lunch and hopefully a smile. Most folks would really be better off if they took the Mad Gringo's advice to "go slow." Life's too short to rush through it all and stressing out over stuff that doesn't really make you happy is just not worth the aggravation.

Hawaiian shirts and casual beach wear exemplify this attitude. It should be no surprise that I own about a dozen Hawaiian Shirts and that I wear them regularly, even in the winter time! It's more about attitude than fashion with me. I'm a "go slow" kind of guy. Of course I spend every weekend at the beach during the summer and I usually find some time for a warm weather getaway in February (this year I'm headed to Florida with the kids). Going slow and chillin' out is just so much cooler on a beach than in Massachusetts in the wintertime.

Someday, I will be rolling my Hot Dog Truck to a warm weather climate and slinging dogs beach side. The MadGringo guy lists his company HQ as "Going slow on beach."

That sounds like my kind of neighborhood!

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