Why close for the winter?

Many people ask why I am closing for the winter. The answer is a purely economic one. In January, February and a decent chunk of March, it is a break even business. I can break even at home!

Seasonal workers (landscapers, painters, pool cleaners etc.) aren't out in the winter. Office workers won't leave their cubes to stand outside in 10 degree weather to get a hot dog. Not to mention the fact that the soda, the condiments and even the chili freezes!

I know, I've been out the past two winters. I go home most days cold and broke!

If I knew I'd sell 100 or more hot dogs a day, I'd stay out there. It simply doesn't happen. So I'll see you in the spring!

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Mike said...

Hi Hotdogman,
Thanks for the great info in your blog. I am starting a hotdog truck in mid march. I was thinking of starting in Feb. but after reading your blog I will be waiting till spring. I am now looking at step van's and finding out where to buy supplies and getting my permit in place. I have a place in Andover, ma off route 93 south. Cant wait till spring!

hotdogman said...

If you have a Sam's Club nearby, you can get almost everything you need there. Make sure you talk to the store manager and let him know what you need to regularly purchase so they can keep it in stock. The Sam's near me closed and now I go to BJs for bread, soda and condiments. BJs isn't as suited to hotdogmen as Sam's so I get Wachusett chips delivered from Mid State Snacks-a good snack food guy is as close as the yellow pages. I also snap up soda bargains at gas stations and supermarkets. It's a good idea to buy from a meat distributor. That way you never run out of dogs. You can get lots of other items too. A good Tuna Roll or Chicken Salad Roll will sell well. Try different Chili out too. DON'T USE CANNED CHILI! Buy a good food service brand and stick with a good one. I use Midtown Meats out of Worcester. They deliver.

Good Luck and keep me posted on your progress. Maybe even start your own dog truck site....

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