I am starting to clean up the old side bar a bit to remove some of the "clutter." Part of that process is evaluating which widget works (say THAT ten times fast) best for me. For a widget to "work," it needs to provide either me or my reader with some value.

Value for me would mean the widget either sends me traffic or makes me money. Value for the reader means they get further information or entertainment from the widget.

I already removed the Blog Explosion Widgets from my sidebars, because they suck.

Today I am going to talk about my CRITEO AUTOROLL WIDGET which is half way down the page in the left sidebar. The header of the widget says "Random Blogosphere"-I edited it from the default header. It displays other people's blogs who have the widget installed according to a set of criteria I entered in their registration. My site is displayed on other sites as well. This one stays. I get 2-4 visitors a day from this widget. It doesn't seem like much, but it does add up! They are also developing a tag cloud that will enable bloggers to earn money based on click throughs. I'm not sure how it's going to work as they have not launched it in English yet.

I'm a bit sentimental about this widget too. It was one of the very first I installed on my site and I've made a couple of blog buddies that I found through this widget initially.

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1 comment:

Andy said...

I've been thinking about giving that a try.

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