Disposable Wedding Camera

We were looking at lots of old photos and videos of the family during the Christmas season and we came across a box of wedding pictures we had our guests take with disposable wedding cameras we provided for them. These are the best pictures! The candid, relaxed moments (many of them quite funny) are much more enjoyable than the formal wedding photos. I hadn't even looked at them for 10 years! Needless to say, our guests haven't seen them at all.

It's too bad, because folks would get a real kick out of a lot of these pictures. Part of the fun of providing disposable wedding cameras is sharing the pictures with the crazy guests who took them. Unfortunately for us, our pictures were snapped before the advent of the digital camera, so putting them in an online album to share would be a real pain.

Now, disposable wedding cameras have gone hi-tech. ITheeSnap.com will take your disposable wedding cameras and upload all the photos to a secure "web album" that you can share with all your friends. They'll also send you prints and a photo DVD. It's a really neat and hassle free idea for a service that I wish WE had back when we got married.

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