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I began my life in the greater Washington D.C. area. I was born in Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland and I lived in Arlington, Virginia until I was two.

I had a sales territory down that way in the late 1990's and I got to travel down there a bit. I liked it. I saw quite a bit of Virginia and it's a beautiful state. The people are super nice and the pace is a little slower down there too.

The wife and I have talked about heading South once the kids get out of high school and Virginia is certainly on our list. Every once in a while we look at real estate in other parts of the country and we recently found out DROdio lists Virginia Real Estate.

DROdio Real Estate has a unique approach to selling real estate. They actually want buyers and sellers to have as much information about the process as they can. They don't restrict access to the MLS listings like many other brokers and they have developed and adapted technology to make the purchase process as easy and informative as possible. Heck, they'll even give out property addresses so you can check out a house yourself. They believe if they give you the information you want and actually let you make some of your own decisions, you'll come see them when you're ready to buy.

That wasn't my experience in dealing with brokers when I was in the mortgage business. Brokers usually want to steer clients to specific homes and they want to have their fingers in every piece of the purchase process. The folks at DROdio Real Estate believe their approach is a better way of doing business and they're willing to put a lot of tools in the hands of potential buyers for free. They may not get every buyer who takes advantage of their free services, but they apparently get enough to be very successful.

My sales approach has always been to provide the customer with as much information as possible and give them great service. I found that if I did that, I didn't have to sell them, I simply had to let them buy from me. The people at DROdio Real Estate have a similar philosophy.

Remember, when you're looking for a home, DROdio lists Virginia Real Estate.

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