Free Credit Card Machine

When people drive up to the Hot Dog Truck and ask if I take credit cards, my answer is usually "what, are you @#$%ing kidding me?!?" As I look to the future with either an expanded mobile business or a fixed location hot dog stand, I'll probably need to be able to accept credit cards.

I worked in that industry for a couple of months when I was between jobs 8 or 9 years ago. The company I worked for did the processing but they also made a killing on the credit card machine for the merchant. It was expensive to do business with the company I worked for because the financed cost of the credit card machine ate up profits.

Now Total Merchant Services will give you a FREE credit card machine just for using them for processing. They have the industry standard Hypercom T4100 retail credit card machine and the best wireless Nurit 8000 credit card machine.

Both units are top of the line and would run $600-$1000 or more if you had to buy them new. Free sounds a whole lot better than that to me. Total Merchant Services believes that they can gain more long term customers for their processing services by offering value up front. Sounds like a good plan. In the coming months, I'll be looking at credit card machines and I'll be giving them a call.

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