Hire a Winnebago

Say you want to go tooling around the countryside in style, go tailgating in a lush ride or maybe just have a different kind of vacation. What are you gonna do? One thing you could do is hire Winnebago to cover it. Check this ultra cool ride out....

This vehicle has TWO wide screen TV's, an X Box, DVD player, wireless broadband internet access, hot and cold running water, sleeping for 8 and a ROOF DECK! It's nicer than my house! Not a bad way to travel, if you ask me. It sure beats the tents we used to go camping in.

Wagon Wheels on Location has dozens of these ultra luxury Winnebagos for hire listed on their website. The site has tons of pictures of the nicest Winnebagos I have ever seen. It's not a complicated site, they clearly list their pricing and they make it easy to do business with them.

So if you want to hire Winnebago for your next journey or event, check out Wagon Wheels on Location, you'll be glad you did.

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