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We visited my folks the other day. All day my father was telling our three year old she needed to "get a haircut and get the hair out of her eyes." Today, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She was making snowflakes with her "kid scissors" when the wife and I stepped into the kitchen for a chat. The kid was quietly playing in the family room and after about five minutes she ran up to us excitedly and shouted "MOMMY! DADDY! LOOK!"

There was a big pile of hair on the floor near the discarded scissors and she had quite obviously chopped her bangs plus quite a bit off the sides. She gave herself a pretty ugly mullet.

It took all we had not to unload on her, but she didn't do too bad of a job! So much for growing her hair out though.

We won't be playing with scissors for a while. When she asks to play with scissors in the future, we'll be saying "No." When she questions why, we'll say "Ask Grampy!"





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