I am on a quest to clean up the widgets in my sidebar.

Today I'm looking at Linkworth.

Linkworth is an advertising affiliate deal that claims I can sell ads on my blog with "little or no effort" and make some extra money. I registered with them, wrote an introductory post and displayed their widget prominently in the left sidebar for months. I checked in fairly regularly and stuck with it.

The result? NOTHING. NADA. Not one click in or out.

Bye bye Linkworth!

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Anonymous said...

Have you signed up for our linkpost product? That is how most bloggers like yourself make money with their blog. Another option is to always place text links on your website. If you have any questions, let one of us know and we will do what we can to help you out.
Scarlett T.
LinkWorth Staff

Matt Stoddart said...

Rob, sorry to hear that things have been so slow for you. I noticed that you joined at the end of September and I can only speculate as to why you haven't seen much action.

We're sorry to lose you, but hopefully we can get you back once our LinkPost Job-Opps service goes live. I'll make a note to update you once that happens.

hotdogman said...

Thanks for your concern Linkworth Staffers. I just think some things work for some and not for others. Since I want to clean things up, the non performers must go.
C'est la vie!

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