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Our house is chock full of office products. My wife works in an office and whenever she goes to the office supply store, she "grabs a few things for the house." I can't begin to tell you how many pads of paper, notebooks, three ring binders, file folders and other assorted office products we have lying around the house. Just wait until I try to find a pen though!

We don't need all these office products in our house. We are not an office. That's not to say we don't need things from office supply stores; we do. I just don't want to set the world record for our collection of file folders! Things I buy at the various office supply stores out there include blank cd/dvds, printer ink, printer paper, maybe even a computer.

Now when I need something, I'm checking OfficeDeals.Info BEFORE I buy. They're the website with coupons for all the major online office supply stores. Whether I want some blank discs from Staples or a new computer from Dell, I know OfficeDeals.Info will save me some money on my order with their extensive inventory of online coupons for just about every office product under the sun.

Just don't expect me to buy any file folders.

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