Perfect Patriots

Readers of the Hot Dog Truck site KNOW I am a huge Red Sox fan. It shouldn't surprise anyone that I am also a New England Patriots fan. I just haven't written about them much on this site-I don't want to rub it in! This team is certainly the best team in New England Patriots history, if not in the history of the NFL! If they win the Superbowl this year, They WILL be considered the best NFL team EVER!

I know a bit about New England Patriots history. I was a season ticket holder from 1986-1992, known by some in these parts as "the dark years." The team was AWFUL. Actually, with only a few exceptions, they were pretty much a joke of an NFL team for most of their existence. They never sold out, so you couldn't watch home games on TV (the NFL blacks out games in the local market if the stadium doesn't sell out). The stadium was disgusting too-I've been in better HIGH SCHOOL STADIUMS. If you had season tickets, you couldn't GIVE them away. If you wanted to go to a game, it was a VERY EASY TICKET.

New England Patriots history all changed when Robert Kraft bought the team. James Orthwein had owned the team prior to Kraft-he brought in Bill Parcells which gave the franchise instant credibility. The year Parcells came to town was the last year season tickets didn't have a huge waiting list. When Kraft bought the team he paid around 180 million bucks and everyone thought he was nuts. (the New England Patriots are now worth over $1 BILLION) Kraft, who is a local businessman and life long season ticket holder, said he wanted to do three things: "bring stability to the franchise, build a new stadium, and bring a championship to the fans of New England." MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Bob! He will be forever loved by the fans of New England because he did exactly what he said he was going to do. If only the politicians in this country could take a lesson from Mr. Kraft!

Now, after years of suffering as the NFL's worst joke, the New England Patriots franchise has a chance to make history. I have watched every game and I have never seen a team with an offense like this. It's almost boring, you just know Tom Brady can lead the team to the end zone at will whether they're up by 30 points or down by 10. I almost feel sorry for my kids, they think the New England Patriots have always been this good. I made them watch the Miami game with me and I kept telling them "the Dolphins are what the New England Patriots used to be!"

With a somewhat improbable showdown with the San Diego Chargers coming up this weekend, I am merely waiting for the coronation on Superbowl Sunday. The New England Patriots will play either the Green Bay Packers or the New York Giants in the Superbowl and they will beat either team handily. I'd personally like to see the Packers because I like Brett Favre and I'd like to see the New England Patriots avenge their loss to them in Superbowl XXXI.


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