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Part of starting a new business, whether it's a Hot Dog truck or an internet start-up is letting the world know you are open and ready for business. Many businesses send out a press release via newswire or via their own web distribution channels. Some businesses will use a press release distribution service.

There are a couple of reasons to use a press release distribution service. First and foremost, the new business may not have the manpower to do an effective job-they have a business to run. Second, and more importantly, companies that are in the business of press release distribution KNOW THEIR BUSINESS. They have developed a system to make sure a press release is distributed to media where it will be seen and read in an efficient way.

PRBuzz is a press release distribution company that has their business nailed down to a science. They'll make sure your press release gets maximum exposure on the internet so it will be picked up by numerous media outlets. They even have a guarantee for their press release distribution service, so you can be assured you'll get the exposure you're looking for. Their pricing is very reasonable for what they do as well. Check them out at

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