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As a happily married hotdogman, I don't need an internet dating service. I didn't when I met my wife: we met in a BAR! She was a bartender, I was a single dad. She rubbed my shoulders one night at the bar and the rest is history.

We know a lot of single people-some who never married and some who have been divorced. They're all "lookin' for love" in some shape or form and we often here their dating horror stories. Usually after a night of listening to tales of woe, we feel so lucky to have each other that a certain level of passion ensues.

That's why I like to go out with our single friends!

I feel bad sometimes, it must suck to be alone. It can be hard to meet singles of quality, especially since most of us get pickier as we get older. I had one gal tell me a few weeks ago that she wants a "nice man" to date. That's pretty broad. She'd need to be more specific if she created an online dating profile.

I should tell our single friends about Prime Dating Sites. That's a website that reviews internet dating service websites so folks who are looking for love can figure out which site meets their dating goals. Yahoo Personals may work for one person who wants to choose from a large pool of potential dates while may be better for the person looking for a more serious relationship and those looking for a "fling" might be better off with Friend Finder.

I suppose it's worth the time to compare internet dating services BEFORE filling out a bunch of different profiles, I'm just glad I don't have to do it!

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