Saving Money with Online Coupons

I am writing this post from my Dell Computer. I HAD three Dells, but I'm down to two. My laptop's screen burnt out, so I'm in the market for a new computer. I managed to save the hard drive from the laptop, so I didn't lose any data. I also have a 20 Gig external hard drive now!

I decided to beef up our desktop with more memory, so I went to the Dell website and ordered it up just after Christmas. Whenever I order from Dell, I scout around for Dell Coupons online. When you checkout, you simply add a coupon code and receive an additional discount. It's a great way to save a few bucks for something you'll buy anyway.

There are lots of places to get Dell Coupons online, but is one of the better ones. They almost always have Dell Coupons when other sites don't. has coupons for lots of other online vendors too including Best Buy, Staples, the Gap, and many more.

I have made it a habit to look for online coupons BEFORE I shop online. If I need a new cell phone, I'll look for cell phone coupons and shop the store with the best deal.

Being a savvy consumer has become a lot easier in the internet age. Coupon clipping used to mean scouring newspapers and magazines, clipping the coupons and filing them. Then you had to remember to use them. Now you get an instant coupon for something you need with a few clicks.

I'll be sure to check for Dell Coupons in the coming weeks. When I see a good deal, I'll pounce!

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