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Real Estate is all over the news lately. Unfortunately it's mostly bad news. In the early 2000's real estate was HOT. Property values were escalating at a breakneck pace and new homes were being sold as fast as they could be built. Mortgage money was fast and easy-I used to joke that all you needed was a job and a pulse and you could qualify for a mortgage. Many people bought homes for the first time and probably borrowed more money than they could afford.

Now, as the popular lingo goes, the real estate "bubble" has burst. Homes have generally gone down in value and many new homeowners owe more money on their homes than they are worth. Couple that fact with many adjustable rate mortgages going up in their interest rates and you have a lot of people looking to sell property.

Houses don't sell in three hours like they did a few years ago. High priced homes are languishing on the market for months and lower priced homes are listing for less than what they were purchased for. It's a real nightmare for folks looking to sell property. offers an alternative to people who need to sell their house. They'll come in and buy your house for cash. If you're having trouble making the mortgage and you need to get out of your home, they can be true saviors. In some instances selling property to them actually works out better since you don't pay any brokerage commissions. Time is money too and selling quick rather than waiting around for a buyer in a slow market can have its advantages.

Any way you slice it, it's always good to have options and knowing there is a company like out there can ease the minds of many a worried seller.

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