Starting out with a Blog

I was visiting some of the blogs I look at regularly the other day and clicked on over to Munny4Hunny. I like following Jay's progress because he started his blog around the same time I started the Hot Dog Truck blog. His site is about making extra dough through free blogs. He's made a decent chunk of change in a year and he knows a heck of a lot more about "internet stuff" than I do. That's why I visit now and again, for an education!

Anyways, he's got a good article on Getting Started with a Blog that would be of interest to new bloggers. I wish I had a simple article like this when I was getting started. Many sites written by the blogging "gurus" can be on the pretentious side. Jay's style is straightforward and down to earth. A must read for the newbie blogger!

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jay said...

Thanks for the mention... despite your claim that you know less about internet stuff, you win hands down in many many areas... more power to you and your hot dogs!

hotdogman said...

I think you know much more "nuts and bolts internet stuff" than I do. I know just enough to be dangerous!

The difference is Munny4Hunny and your other site are in a far more crowded field.

The Hot Dog Truck is very much a niche site. There are fewer Hot Dog related sites (and far fewer Hot Dog Truck -run by operators- sites) than "make money with a blog" sites. Since my niche is smaller, I have a higher percentage of page views.

Like I said, we started at about the same time and I have learned a lot from your sites, SO THANK YOU!

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