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A friend of mine wants me to put a website together for his Restaurant Management Recruiting business. I am more than happy to help him out as he's the president of HDTOAS (Hot Dog Truck Operator's Assistance Society). He wants some specific features, like a forum as he wants his potential customers to tell their tales of experiences with various restaurant chains etc.

What works for me and the Hot Dog Truck might not work for him. I have a Little League site that has other needs and is hosted in a different spot. Each website owner has many choices to make with where to register a domain, where to host, bandwidth needs and so on. A site called web hosting choice is a great resource. They list virtually every option available to the would be website owner so he can make a decision based on his own needs. They compare domain name registrars, web hosting companies and they even tip you off to web hosting scams.

I told my friend to do some searching around on web hosting choice to get a feel for what he wants to spend and what features he wants. Once he's got it narrowed down to a few companies, I'll help him make the final choices.

I'll certainly recommend he DOESN'T REGISTER HIS DOMAIN NAME WITH NETWORK SOLUTIONS. They are stealing domains from people! Don't register a name with Network Solutions!

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