Confession Joke

Little Patrick O'Toole, an altar boy, goes to see Father O'Callahan for confession. He sits in the booth.

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."

"And what is your sin, boy?"

"I have been having impure relations with a girl from our Parish."

"Ah. That is a problem lad. Pray tell me the young lass' name."

"I am sorry Father, I cannot do that."

"You realize I will probably find out anyway, boy. I would like to know so I may help the young girl as well."

"I am sorry Father, I cannot."

The priest begins to think of all the girls in his flock who may be guilty of such an indiscretion. "Was it Mary Fitzpatrick?"

"I cannot say, Father."

"Perhaps it was Margaret Sullivan?"

"I cannot say Father."

"Maybe it was Alice O'Rourke?"

"I cannot say."

"Was it Sally O'Brien?"

"Father, I cannot say. I cannot betray the girl."

The priest is exasperated and decides to mete out the boy's penance. "Since you have confessed to such a serious sin and since you won't confide the young lady's identity to me, you have given me no choice: you are hereby suspended from your duties as an altar boy for a period of three months."

Young Patrick leaves the Church to meet his friend, Sean O'Malley outside.

"Patrick, what did you get?"

"Three months vacation and four good leads."

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