Mayweather v De La Hoya II

I like boxing. I watch all the fights on HBO on demand and I'll occasionally buy a pay per view bout. Right now, boxing is in decline. There are very few "big stars" and the rising popularity of "ultimate fighting" has eaten into boxing's fan base. There's still nothing quite like a good boxing match in the world of sports. The sheer human drama can't be matched. It is sport at its most basic (and base): two men trying to knock each other out.

Last year Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather fought in the single most heavily hyped fight ever. There was an HBO series leading up to the fight which was like a four month "up close and personal" on the fighters and their training regimen. Needless to say, the fight didn't live up to the hype. It did set revenue records. The fight made over $160 million! That's a lot of money for one fight. The best part is Don King wasn't in on it!

When a fight makes that kind of money, a rematch is inevitable. There are plans in the works for a September 2008 rematch, possibly in Dodger Stadium of all places.

I've seen some live boxing in Las Vegas. I went to a James Tony v. Roy Jones Jr. fight about 12 years ago. It was quite a spectacle. I've seen a lot of no name boxers in Vegas too. These matches are often very good as the fighters are usually trying to make a name for themselves. I may catch a boxing match in Vegas in April. I don't think I'd spring for Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Oscar De La Hoya tickets though. I'll most likely catch that one on pay per view.

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