The Big Announcement has FINALLY COME!! The Hot Dog Truck has a NEW LOCATION.

I will be located at 420 Maple Street (route 85) in Marlborough, MA-in the parking lot of the Gold's Gym. I hope to be picking up a new truck this Thursday. Barring a catastrophe, I should be ready to open Monday, March 3 (weather permitting).

For all you fans of the Hot Dog Truck in the office park, I am only about 2 miles up the road from where I was, so come down and check it out.

I have to do some running around to get my permits, insurance and power-though I have power to a pole in the parking lot, so that will just involve a phone call.

Details on the new truck will follow, STAY TUNED....

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1 comment:

Mike2000 said...

Hey Hotdog man
Glad to hear that you have found a new location near your old one. That way you should retain most of your customer base.
I will be opening my own truck in Andover, ma in march, jsut counting the days......

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