Where's the Beaver?

Now that I can actually say "Super Bowl" without getting TOTALLY depressed, I thought I'd share some more lovely videos of the other good thing about the Super Bowl: the commercials. This year's crop was pretty tame compared to year's past, if you ask me. FOX TV, that bastion of morality, decided a couple of Go Daddy's commercials were too hot for their viewer's tender eyes. They wouldn't allow the following commercial to air at all.

They let this commercial air. Check it out and then watch the next one to see what they cut out.

Here's the same commercial without FOX TV's moral filter.

I am so glad FOX TV is protecting me from offensive advertising. If you ask me, the commercials for Viagra and Cialis featuring a bunch of middle aged limp dicks popping pills so they can go shag their obviously over acting partners while warning about "erections lasting more than four hours" are far more offensive. Besides, beavers are kinda cute.

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