Beach Wedding Invitations

My wife and I were married on the beach. In the rain. Not just rain, SIDEWAYS rain. We had rented out the beach club near my parents' house which is nothing more than a large, concrete patio with a roof over it and some restrooms.

Early on the morning of my wedding my wife to be, father and I were busy putting up tarps to shield the patio from the elements. We called the tent rental people and had them bring every available heater they had, crossed our fingers and hoped for the weather to clear. It didn't.

We had originally planned for my wife to be paddled around the point in a canoe by her father to shore where we would be married. Six foot swells cancelled that idea; instead it was a mad dash from my brother's mini van to the covered patio.

All the planning was scrapped due to the weather. Dinner was a New England clambake with lobsters and steamers and the open bar was well used! Despite the weather, which cleared after dinner was served, everyone had a good time. Too bad our Beach Wedding Invitations didn't come with rain suits!

We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and went to a special reception for honeymooning couples where we swapped stories about our soggy wedding days (we were all married on the same day). One bride from Maine shared a raucous story about how "pissed off" she was to wake up to SNOW falling on her wedding day! She'd planned her very formal wedding from 1st Class Wedding Invitations down to fancy table settings and half her guests showed up in snow boots, sweaters and winter parkas.

While couples can't choose the weather for their beach weddings, they can choose Beach Wedding Invitations to be exactly how they want them. Each invitation can be customized for style, color and comes complete with response cards, announcements, reception cards AND thank you letters. Weddings can be stressful to plan, particularly if you're into managing every last detail. If you want to take the stress out of the invitation aspect, visit 1st Class Wedding Invitations and take care of that piece of planning quickly and easily. Just don't forget the umbrellas.

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