Charter High Speed for Life

I have my local cable company provide my high speed internet. We have one of those package deals: high speed internet, telephone and 863 channels of crap for one monthly fee. I couldn't survive without high speed internet. When I go to a place with DSL or (ulp) dial up internet access, I think I'm going to lose my mind!

Charter Communications is the cable provider where I have my Hot Dog Truck. Many Charter Technicians are customers, as a matter of fact. They offer high speed internet and telephone too. Charter is making a big marketing push and lovers of the Hot Dog Truck can get in on the action. One promotion they have going is a chance to win a Wii. If you've tried to buy one of these lately, you know how tough to find they can be. Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! from Charter Communications to end your search!

Another, potentially far more valuable promotion is Charter's High Speed Internet for Life auction. They are starting a promotion that will allow people to bid, auction style, on high speed internet services for life! The starting bid is $10. The winning bidder will get high speed internet for life (as long as they remain in Charter's service area. That could be a potential bargain the likes I've never seen before! You need to live in Charter's service area to be qualified to bid, so all you hot dog lovers out there, CHECK IT OUT!

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Martin Theiler said...

High speed internet has become a necessity for everybody today. The hotdog truck is also a good idea though.

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