Let the Beatings Begin!

No, I'm not talking about the Yankees again. Although the Red Sox are sure to administer their fair share of Yankee beatings this season...

I am talking about Fantasy Baseball. I don't participate in a League, but my brother Laz does. He's the crackerjack Football Handicapper who had a stellar season on Winning Football Picks, one of my other sites.

Participating in a fantasy baseball league is a challenging prospect to say the least. The sheer volume of statistics you need to keep up with can send your head spinning! It's like managing a Major League Team (which we all believe WE could do better than the local manager). You need a fair amount of time and some good analysis tools to be a player in any fantasy baseball league.

There are lots of cool tools out there. One of the best is the new Sports Prophet fantasy baseball software. It's a completely web based system so you can log in from virtually any computer in the world. It has all the tools you need to manage your fantasy baseball team from constantly updated stats, injury reports and box scores to player management features, draft assistance and a player ranking system designed by an Uber computer PhD!

Winning a fantasy baseball league can make you money too. First prize for my brother's league is a five figure number and there's payouts for up to 20th place. I think he's been "in the money" 9 out of the ten years he's participated. He's paid for more than a few goodies with his "earnings" (as he likes to call them).

As with any GOOD tool, there is a cost to be a member of Sports Prophets. It's only $39.95 which, if you win a five figure prize, is chump change. They're having a special discount for readers of the Hot Dog Truck. When you sign up for Sports Prophets fantasy baseball software, enter the coupon code BMC200 and receive $10 off INSTANTLY.


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