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What does a Hotdogman do in the "off season" you ask? Besides getting ready for opening up in the Spring, I've been making websites. I've discovered that the more websites I have, the more money I make! So that became my part time job this winter: web site maker.

It takes a bit of work to get a site going. First I put it together, install meta tags into the HTML code, then I submit the sites to the various search engines and start adding content. Some of the stuff on my sites is re-written stuff from the Hot Dog Truck, some is new and some is just links to pertinent subject matter. I designed all of them right here on and got URLS for all of them too. Some of them are serious subjects, some are just a goof. I have a bunch of new ideas and I'll even be selling tee-shirts online soon.

Here is a list of my other sites, at least the ones that are active. Check them out.

How to Coach Kids Baseball
The Hot Dog Truck
Hot Dog Stories
Boston Hotdogman
If You Like Money
Wicked Cool Tee-Shirts
On Coaching Kids: Baseball
Natick Red Sox
All Around
Winning Football Picks
The Spam Folder
Just Goofin'
Our Sea Glass
Go F**k Yourself Google
Bite Me Google
Why Does Google Suck?
Lesbian Canoeist Association

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tabletop gamer said...

I'm guessing that the Google domains are in reference to the posties getting sandboxed.

Have you seen any dip in traffic from it?

I'm not particularly fond of them myself due to them axing my adsense without sending an email with reason... It was just as if my account went *poof* and I could no longer log on.

Somehow in their heads I must have been cheating or something. $26 earned in 9 months has to be cheating, right? : )

Oh well...

hotdogman said...

Actually, my traffic has been going up. I am double from where I was just a couple months ago! Go figure.

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