The new Hot Dog Truck has far more cold storage than the old rig. This means more topping options! I'll have 7 different kinds of mustard and 8 different kinds of relish. I'll be featuring dill relish and "regular" sweet relish, plus a variety of my special pepper relishes.

"All around" will take a bit more specificity with the new options.

I'll have yellow mustard, Guldens Mustard, Dietz and Watson deli mustard, Grey Poupon, Honey Mustard, Horseradish Honey mustard and Coleman's Prepared Mustard (guaranteed to make your eyeballs sweat) available EVERY DAY. I have also added cole slaw and gooey cheese to the topping choices. The old stand byes will be back: chili, kraut, hot sauce etc. will be available too.

I'll have sauteed peppers and onions for sausages (and dogs too) . The classic tuna and Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salads will still be available for those folks who need a break from the dogs. I even plan on carrying Chourico on a limited basis.

The Hot Dog Truck will continue to offer the very best roadside food available ANYWHERE.


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