A Dog a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I'm not a doctor, but I've watched them on T.V.

The Hot Dog is a much loved food item. When prepared properly, they are a uniquely delicious delicacy. To experience the truely authentic hot dog, you can't get them any old place. Don't ever buy a hot dog at a gas station-the kind you'll find there have most likely been sitting in the little "roll-o-matic" for weeks. Hot Dogs at Baseball Parks are also over-rated; I've been to Fenway (duh), Yankee Stadium, Jacob's Field, Riverfront (old Cincinnati Reds Park), and Camden Yards and I have yet to find a good hot dog at a ball game. Youth sport venues also have some pretty crappy hot dogs, but at least you know you're helping some youth sport league while you poison yourself with some lame skinless frank. To get a truly great hot dog, you need to seek out the local hot dog "joint." The Hot Dog Truck falls into this category, so when in the area.....

But I digress-

Yes, hot dogs are yummy. They also get a bad rap as (gasp) "junk food." Obviously, the folks who label hot dogs as "junk" haven't read THIS. While I do eat a dog or two on most work days, I rarely take my work home with me. Maybe I should....

So I say-eat up those hot dogs and live healthy! Two dogs a day keeps the doctor (and the hungries) away!

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ANO said...

I love the Dogs at Camden Yards! I always make sure to get one whenever I go to a game.

hotdogman said...

The dogs there are overpriced and they aren't served with care or character-you may love them (hot dogs are very "personal") but its not the same as getting them at a true hot dog joint!

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